Steam inhalation for sinus infection

One of the popular home remedies for sinus infection is inhalation therapy. It acts as the natural expectorant to remove the congestion. It can also lubricate the irritated airways. You can practice three or four times a day in the following way.

You have to cook a cup of water.

Than. You can add peppermint essential oil (a few drops) in boiling water.

Then you must quickly inhale the steam.

Please note: Steam inhalation is always not recommended for children due to the danger of burns. In addition, it may not be suitable for people with high blood pressure, central nervous system or heart disease and pregnant women.

Actually, when you suffer from sinus infection, it is important to keep the constant flow of mucus through the nasal passages. Hot water can help in this respect greatly. It will also keep the nose moist and prevent it from drying out.

You can use a humidifier to open blocked nose.
You can also walk the hot shower for a few minutes so that steam can build up in your bathroom. Then inhale in the soothing vapors. You must repeat twice a day until you fully recover.

Alternatively, you can wet a washcloth in lukewarm water and put it on your face. You must stay for about 10 to 15 minutes. You have to repeat a number of times per day.
oregano oil

In fact, this essential oil contains antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties. In addition, it also has an anti-inflammatory that helps decrease inflammation. It acts as an excellent antioxidant and immune booster. This provides congestion relief for asthma and nasal polyps quickly.


You put the oregano oil (a few drops) in boiling water (half a cup). Than. you can use the steam to remove the congestion and open the sinuses. You must practice this every day until the infection clearly.

Another option, your mix of oregano oil (two or three drops) in a cup of water. You must drink it twice a day until the infection disappears.
Another way, you simply put the oil (one or two drops) under the tongue every day for about a week, or until you see positive results.